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English writing course assignment: Week 1

I do my English writing mostly at work. I create tons of instructions and presentations for different purposes. I write scripts for lessons that I create as an Instructional Designer, I exchange emails and memos with my colleagues, I even pitch ideas to my team lead from time to time.

Writing in English is my bread and butter. I bless the universe for my ability to put words into sentences smoothly and in a precise order that conveys the meaning at its best. Writing serves as a basis for so many professions that it was relatively easy for me to expand my skillset and address the socio-economical challenges in my life.

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What is the best way to fuck up your productivity and ruin your day? Get up at 6 and take a bus ride for an hour and a half. Next time I'd better return home and have a couple of hours of sleep during the day, to save at least some part of it.

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